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NGOConnect.Net is a dynamic and interactive Web portal dedicated to connecting and strengthening NGOs, networks and NGO support organizations worldwide. It provides some of the best tools, theoretical frameworks, innovations and lessons learned that the NGO community, donors and worldwide support organizations have to offer.

NGOConnect.Net, supported by USAID and launched by the Capable Partners Program (CAP), is managed by FHI 360's Leadership and Capacity Development (LCD) practice.

Capable Partners Program (CAP)

The Capapcble Partners Program (CAP) works with Missions and other operating units to design and implement interventions that align with USAID's Local Solutions Framework and its focus on strengthening local capacity, effectiveness and sustainability. Over ten years (2003-2013), Leader Award activities were funded by USAID/Washington and 23 Associate Awards were executed by Missions and operating units. Leader Award activities ended on August 10, 2013. Consistent with ADS303, Associate Awards continue until August 10, 2018.

Services Provided
CAP offers extensive experience in all develpoment sectors and in various methodologies, including advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, training, grants management, NGO-government partnerships, and the use of information technologies for development. CAP's participatory approaches work to strengthen local actors and the institutions that are ultimately responsible for transforming communities.


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