Community Youth Mappers Promote Civic Engagement in Zambia
FHI 360

The Youth Lead Activity, launched in October 2018, is a three-year SCS Global program which has two inter-related components: The first will build youth’s civic engagement skills through an internship and training program that culminates in grant-funded, youth-led projects; the second will establish structures and systems for engaging youth as leaders in government agencies, non-profit organizations and private businesses.

In December, 20 young women and men were trained by FHI 360 in Community Youth Mapping (CYM). The mappers then spent several weeks canvassing Lusaka, interviewing other youth leaders and adults from the public and private sectors, and documenting attitudes and perceptions towards and experience with internship programs. After analyzing the results, Youth Mappers successfully presented findings to the Advisory Group and Ministries. Next actions include engaging young people to provide feedback regarding the youth policy being considered by government.