"Dramatic" New Approach for Assessing CSO Capacity in Low-Literacy Communities
FHI 360

SCS Global’s first Associate Award—focusing on CSO, social enterprise and community engagement in Jamaica (2017-2022)—found that grassroots CSOs struggled to understand the Organizational Performance Index’s (OPI) more abstract concepts, even with the support of experienced facilitators and especially when CSO staff have lower levels of educational attainment.


In response, the SCS Jamaica team filmed skits that explain the core OPI concepts in scenarios that CSOs might typically experience. The innovative videos invite participants to identify their organizations in the OPI performance stages in situations performed by local actors. The videos have also been used to facilitate the OPI in group settings.


CSOs of all capacity levels have responded positively to the approach, which capitalizes on Jamaicans’ love of dramas and has sparked increased engagement during OPI facilitation, making the OPI more accessible and interesting for CSOs using the tool. The videos may be found at https://bit.ly/2ydZjuX.