SCS DRC, Honduras Back COVID-19 Media Campaigns
FHI 360

SCS Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is supporting a campaign on COVID-19 prevention, titled Together Against Coronavirus in DRC (Ensemble Contre le Coronavirus en RDC in French), in collaboration with the DRC Online Information Media Association, the Congolese Media Women’s Union, and the Congolese Association of Women of The Written Press.

This social media campaign has a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account to disseminate information on COVID-19 response through videos, infographics, and song. To expand its audience, the campaign is working with 76 community radio stations to disseminate campaign information on the air.

SCS Honduras is working with the GENESIS campaign—Join Against Corruption (Únete Contra la Corrupción in Spanish)—to design and disseminate messages to promote government transparency in COVID-19-related decisions and actions.