SCS Global Launches New Home for Youth Programming Assessment Tool, Adapted YPAT for DRC
FHI 360

The Youth Programming Assessment Tool (YPAT)— an SCS Global development practitioner resource that helps youth-serving civil society organizations (YSOs) reflect on their internal programming and institutional practices and identify areas for improvement—has a new home! The YPAT is now available at its new interactive website,

After successfully piloting the YPAT with the SCS Zambia Youth Lead Activity, SCS Global explored other opportunities to integrate the tool into youth-focused projects. In September of 2019, FHI 360 adapted the tool and translated it into French for the USAID-funded Integrated Youth Development Activity (IYDA) in the DRC and sent technical advisors to train the team to facilitate the YPAT with YSOs. After this training—and a pilot session with a local organization—the IYDA team completed the YPAT with its seven other partner organizations to help them evaluate their challenges and successes in supporting youth and find opportunities for improvement.

Each organization developed an action plan to improve their organizational capacity and their services for young people. Plans included goals, activities, implementation strategies, and indicators. Generation Epanouie, a partner organization, created a plan with 13 goals and relevant activities—such as extending training to rural and outlying areas, developing policies and protocols for youth protection, and partnering with networks and institutions that serve young people.