SCS Introduces Multi-Stakeholder SCALE+ Methodology in Jamaica to Address Youth Violence
FHI 360

In December 2018, SCS introduced FHI 360’s SCALE+ methodology in Jamaica by engaging stakeholders representing civil society, government, faith communities, young people and more in a Whole System in the Room (WSR) workshop to address youth crime and violence.

This approach--inviting stakeholders to identify solutions and commit to bringing them to fruition through joint actions plans--was out of the ordinary in Jamaica and hailed by the participants as a way to address an overwhelming development challenge. The Mayor of May Pen, Councillor of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, and representatives of the police force, academia, and media, along with community activists, youth leaders and other CSOs, spent three days participating in the WSR, yielding five initiatives that will be supported by the SCS Jamaica project:


  1. Advocacy for Inclusion of Youth Development in Governance
  2. Re-integration of Unattached Youth into the Secondary School System
  3. Strengthening of Economic Development Initiatives in Clarendon
  4. Development and implementation of a Youth Mentorship Program
  5. Parent Support and Training Program for Parents in Clarendon


The SCALE+ Steering Committee will lead the five stakeholder groups to implement joint action over the next nine months.