SCS Myanmar Drafts Civic Education Curriculum that Promotes Inclusivity and Tolerance
FHI 360

Partnering with the Burmese Ministry of Health and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), SCS Myanmar and its local CSOs have helped draft civic education and tolerance content for the country’s 5th grade student curriculum. Civic education, tolerance, and intercommunal harmony are central to SCS Myanmar’s objectives.

To support the curriculum development, SCS Myanmar held a Civic Education Conference in January 2020. Fifty-seven participants (representing organizations working on civic education, education reform, child education, or intercommunal harmony) shared lessons and successful approaches to guide the joint undertaking. They also worked in groups to draft educational stories that promote tolerance
and inclusivity.

These stories are awaiting approval by the Ministry of Education, to be included in the Morals & Civics curriculum for 5th graders. A few examples include:

  • Understanding & Demonstrating Fairness—features a lion and his son, addressing the needs of different individuals
  • Good Friendships with and Caring for Others—feature a girl with a physical disability who moves to a new school
  • Moral Hazards of ICT—features students spreading discriminatory misinformation received from the Internet leading to a conflict in the classroom
  • Respecting Culture & Tradition of Different National Races—tells of a Kachin girl moving to a new school in Kayin State and how she learns local culture and makes new friends
  • Living in Society with Peace & Unity—features a group of students who learn diversity can be beautiful


Civic education, tolerance, and intercommunal harmony are central to SCS Myanmar's objectives.