SCS Tanzania Better News Project Highlights Impact of Community Radio in Zanzibar
FHI 360

As part of World Radio Day celebrations on February 13, Boresha Habari (the SCS Better News project in Tanzania) created a video to highlight the impact one of the community radio stations—Chuchu FM—is having on listeners in the Zanzibar community.

Boresha Habari has played an important role in the station’s development, emphasizing the importance of programming that focuses on women, youth, and local issues. The project has also provided equipment to the station, conducted training for its staff, and connected the station with local CSOs to get information on issues of concern to local communities.

This focus has not gone unnoticed by the listeners—who laud Chuchu FM for its coverage of issues important to the community. Extensive coverage of gender-related issues such as successful women entrepreneurs, in particular, has helped women feel valued and empowered.

Boresha Habari (implemented by SCS Global partner Internews with support from FHI 360) supports an open, inclusive environment in which Tanzanian media and civil society can provide accurate and impartial information that promotes participation, inclusion, and accountability.