SCS Tanzania Prepares Journalism Students for Media Careers
Internews, FHI 360

The Boresha Habari (Better News) project in Tanzania, implemented by SCS Global partner Internews with support from FHI 360, supports an open, inclusive environment in which Tanzanian media and civil society can provide accurate and impartial information that promotes participation, inclusion, and accountability.


In 2018, Boresha Habari created a radio journalism training program for student journalists which provides them with practical, real-world technical skills - such as how to write a script, use audio recording devices, and produce and present radio programs - to prepare them for careers in radio journalism and media. The training program was initially piloted for 71 journalism students from the University of Dar es Salaam’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Saint Augustine University in Mwanza, and the Zanzibar Journalism and Mass Media College. It was scaled up for 344 students from June to August. Students participating in the course also received gender-sensitivity training and worked to create audio productions of stories focused on women and youth political rights, participation, and leadership.


The radio journalism course is implemented in conjunction with a USAID impact evaluation being undertaken by NORC at the University of Chicago. The evaluation will measure the impact of the journalism trainings for student journalists on their media-production skills and career prospects relative to students who did not receive the training.