USAID Missions Use Co-Creation for SCS Associate Award Program Designs
FHI 360

One of the ways SCS Global is supporting USAID missions is by co-creating projects and activities. For our Associate Award in Kenya, for example, we had pre-award discussions with the mission and a series of post-award regional consultations and co-creation workshops with myriad types of stakeholders that fed into our year one workplan to address national dialogue between election cycles. For our Associate Award in Azerbaijan, we are undertaking a post-award co-creation process with the government to promote transparency and accountability. In Zambia, we had pre-award discussions with the mission and are having post-award co-creation sessions with civil society and government about youth leadership development. And for our Associate Award in Indonesia, we had extensive co-creation stakeholder sessions throughout the country that included USAID along with civil society and others. We believe that co-creation through engagements of these kinds leads to better development and local ownership of interventions—important steps on the road to self-reliance.