SCS Global’s first Associate Award—focusing on CSO, social enterprise and community engagement in Jamaica (2017-2022)—found that grassroots CSOs struggled to understand the Organizational Performance Index’s (OPI) more abstract concepts, even with the support of experienced facilitators and especially when CSO staff have lower levels of educational attainment.


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In September, SCS conducted a Learning Forum with USAID, International Center for Not-for-Profit Law and Aga Khan Foundation to explore methodology innovations for the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index. Read More >

Regardless of where an organization sits on the capacity spectrum— nascent, emergent, or mature—SCS Global’s new Capacity Development Interventions (CDI) Guide offers USAID partners, working in any sector, ways to identify the best approaches to shaping an intervention and achieving meaningful results. Read More >

Recent evaluations of the CSOSI identified shortcomings in its 20-year-old methodology, including an over-reliance on small groups of experts, its cost and time inefficiencies, and the unsustainability of the current model. However, the USAID funded appraisal reinforced that the Index remains a useful resource for donors, implementers, intermediary support organizations, and local CSOs. Read More >

Press repression is a disturbing trend that continues to dog CSOs worldwide. SCS Global Associate Award projects are battling a range of official challenges including legal action, close monitoring and intimidation, direct attacks, isolation, rhetoric, and finance and tax penalties.


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