Local Government Accountability

Tool to support rural poor in bringing local government to account - 2005; This power tool describes ways to partner the rural poor to bring local government authorities to account. It is written for change in rural locations. It raises community expectations about the quality of local governance and describes a set of steps to install improvements. It flags the important role that communities can have in improving their own situation. The aim of this power tool is to stimulate the poor to participate in policy formulation and implementation processes. The tool is designed to stimulate supply-side push for improved service delivery together with demand-side pull driven by mobilized communities of the forest dependent poor. The tool is basically a means of raising expecations about the quality of governance that is being provided. The tool describes two vital ingredients for the moblization process:
1) A set of five expectations about what local governance should involve and; 2) A series of demand-driven steps to bring it about.

Last Modified: Fri Jun, 2017