Youth Programming Assessment Tool Assessment Form

The YPAT helps Youth Serving Organizations (YSOs) understand the extent to which effective youth program practices are being implemented as part of their program offerings and identify areas that need strengthening or further development. It provides concrete steps and examples for how a YSO can operationalize Positive Youth Development (PYD) with the ultimate goal of improving programming to enhance developmental outcomes for youth. YPAT was primarily informed by USAID’s YouthPower’s Positive Youth Development (PYD) framework and approach to youth programming, in addition to a detailed review of PYD evidence, existing tools, receiving stakeholder feedback and then refinements in collaboration with youth-serving organizations in Jordan and Jamaica. In this Assessment Form you will find standards for each of the categories (Domains) under the PYD framework: Assets, Agency, Contribution, and Enabling Environment, as well as a section for PYD principles applied to Organizational Capacity. These standards will be evaluated individually, and then as a group.

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Last Modified: Tue Jul, 2019