Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on how you can use evidence to inform all stages of the project cycle. 

Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on how to manage targets when conducting monitorig and evaluation.

Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on the key features of M&E.

This toolkit, from the Kenya Ministry of Health, provides guidance and tools to measure the performance of a peer education and outreach (PEO) programs for sex workers against 12 management standards and identifies gaps to be addressed through quality improvement strategies.

This Guide provides a framework for assessing the quality of M&E training currently provided in a country. Useful for governments, donors, and training organizations.; Marie-Helene Adrien

Guide describes how evaluations should be used to test the theories and assumptions on which capacity-development programs are based, to document their results and to draw lessons for improving future programs.

Artigo descrevendo o modelo de parceria público-privada USAID, seus sucessos e os esforços que continua a enfrentar - PORTUGUÊS.

Documento USAID que descreve como o modelo GDA pode funcionar para a Comunidade PVO/ONG – PORTUGUÊS.

Cette présentation décrit les conditions d’un accord de coopération de l’USAID, les parties prenantes et les articles clés - FRANÇAIS.