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Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on how to recruit an effective, diverse, and inclusive board of directors.

Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on governance, management, and the role of the board of directors. 

The CSO Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia provides a comprehensive assessment of the capacity of civil society to serve as both a short-term partner in implementing development solutions and a long-term actor in ensuring development outcomes are sustained. The CSOSI empowers local civil society to collectively assess not only the environment in which they are operating, but also their own capacities to advocate, operate sustainably and communicate with citizens.This year’s Index reports on the state of CSO sectors in twenty-four countries in the region, from the Baltics in the north to the Caucasus in the south, and the Visegrad countries in the west to Russia, which stretches east to the Pacific Ocean. It addresses both advances and setbacks in seven key components or “dimensions” of the sustainability of the civil society sector: legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service provision, sectoral infrastructure, and public image. The Index is intended to be a useful source of information for local CSOs, governments, donors, academics, and others who want to better understand and monitor key aspects of sustainability in the CSO sector.

Organizational Effectiveness Series; This manual provides nonprofit community-based organization board and staff members with new insight and specific tools and resources for building an effective board.Unit 1: Board Roles and Responsibilities; Unit 2: Board Selection Composition and Recruitment; Unit 3: Board Structure: Officers and Committees; Unit 4: Orientation and Training; Unit 5: Governance Versus Management; Unit 6: Managing Board Change; Unit 7: Board Assessment and Evaluation; Post-Training Assessment

Toolkit includes 24 separate tools to be used by chapter chairpersons, board members, chapter managers or any paid/volunteer staff designated to assist with chapter board development.

Toolkit contains self-assessment for chapter boards.

Document contains separate tools to be used by chapter chairpersons, board members, chapter managers, or any paid or volunteer staff designated to assist with chapter board development. The materials are designed for use by all Red Cross chapters.

Document provides a comparative look at women’s political participation in specifiic countries as well as at the obstacles women confront in politics, and outlines 95 best practices to promote gender equality in party politics.