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Glossaire pour Conseils de mise en oeuvre pour les partenaires de l'USAID

This document provides explanations and examples of policies typically included in a Board of Director's Policy Manual, including job descriptions of various Board positions and description of committees typically found in Boards.

This document provides sample language and guidelines that should be included in a succession plan for an organization's executive director, in the even of a long or short-term absence.

This provides a sample of an organization's code of ethics.

This document provides 3 samples of organograms to communicate positions in a project and reporting structures.

These are tools developed to provide assistance with Program Management.

The goal of this assessment is to assist orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) programs in assessing the critical elements for effective program implementation, and identifying those elements that need strengthening or further development.

This document is an example of an organizational capacity assessment to be used to measure the capacity of an organization in seven organizational development domains.

Chapter 3 of NPI Implementation Tips in Portuguese

Chapter 5 of NPI Implementation Tips in Portuguese