This resource focuses on the role of local philanthropy as a means to contribute to Financing Self Reliance, a key pillar of USAID's Journey to Self Reliance initiative.

The paper introduces the community philanthropy idea and other associated concepts that can help funders deliberately discuss and apply what we are calling a “community philanthropy approach” or “l

The review draws together information from existing reports, studies and organizational websites in order to provide an overview of the current state of organized community philanthropy around the

Artigo descrevendo o modelo de parceria público-privada USAID, seus sucessos e os esforços que continua a enfrentar - PORTUGUÊS.

Documento USAID que descreve como o modelo GDA pode funcionar para a Comunidade PVO/ONG – PORTUGUÊS.

Cette présentation décrit les conditions d’un accord de coopération de l’USAID, les parties prenantes et les articles clés - FRANÇAIS.

Document is sample Cooperative Agreement between a recipient of U.S. Government funds and USAID - FRANÇAIS.

Document is glossary of ADS terms - ENGLISH.

Spreadsheet with list of fourteen tasks and a calender to track them each quarter - ENGLISH.