This Guide was developed to help program designers who work in any sector to envision and implement with CSO partners the CD support that will strengthen local systems and help CSOs achieve their missions. Program designers from both implementing partner and donor organizations who are working to build the capacity of CSOs can use this Guide to better distinguish among CD approaches, the processes involved in each, and potential impact of a chosen approach. By identifying organizational characteristics and areas of potential capacity growth, this Guide will enable program designers to better select the intervention necessary to achieve their desired goal. Although this Guide is designed to benefit CSOs, the approaches outlined can also be applied to community based organizations (CBOs) or local for-profit organizations. The approaches included in this Guide are designed to increase capacity regardless of the actual knowledge or skill targeted.  

What is program management and how can it be applied?

Program Management Tool Kit: Concept and Contents.This tool kit facilitaties comprehending Project management as a discipline through its breaking down PM into simplified process, practices and expertise

Project design for program managersillustrates how to conduct a workshop on planning community based projects

An in depth guidebook on project management and all its phases: Initiation, planing, execution and closure.

 عشر خطوات أساسية لكسب التاييد وتحويل التحديات إلى حافز للتطور، مثل تحديد الهدف، وتثقيف النفس وتطويرها، وبناء الذات، وصياغة الرسالة وخطوات إرسالها ومراقبة تأثيرها

The Training Management Manual is designed to assist NGOs and the trainers they work with to more effectively manage the design, delivery and evaluation of training programs, whether delivered in-house or externally. Capacity strengthening may seem a daunting task for an NGO since any such efforts must be directed toward improved performance and service delivery as an end result. This Manual is designed to serve as an essential tool, not only for administering individual training workshops but, in the larger context, for strengthening the capacity of NGOs to better respond to the needs of beneficiaries who depend on organizations such as yours.

How to Engage Your Stakeholders in Designing, Monitoring and Evaluating Your Programs