TSR Training Standards Review

Going the Distance: Step-by-Step Strategies to Foster NGO Sustainability is a training curriculum that offers practical strategies to help organizations plan and effectively navigate the ever-changing environments within which they operate.This is intended for organizations who are seeking guidance building a strong foundation for organizational sustainability. It is divided into the following three parts: Defining a Sustainable Organization, Mapping and Mobilizing Resources and Connecting with Donors.

Part Three, “Connecting with Donors,” of NPI's Going the Distance focuses on various communication modes with donors, such as developing and delivering elevator speeches, writing capability and systems (capacity) statements and connecting with donors.

This toolkit, from the Kenya Ministry of Health, provides guidance and tools to measure the performance of a peer education and outreach (PEO) programs for sex workers against 12 management standards and identifies gaps to be addressed through quality improvement strategies.

How to document a meeting and write a report on it.