FHI 360 Safeguarding Framework & Minimum Standards

FHI 360’s framework for safeguarding program participants includes a set of minimum standards (required actions) that are organized under eight domains. The minimum standards apply to all FHI 360 projects that involve interaction with program participants, regardless of whether FHI 360 is the prime or a sub to another organization. The standards are designed to help country offices and FHI 360 project teams ensure uniform application of FHI 360’s Safeguarding Policies.

FHI 360 Safeguarding Self-Assessment Tool for Implementing Partners

This tool assists FHI 360’s implementing partners in assessing adherence to a set of industry standards for safeguarding program participants. When the standards are effectively and fully implemented, it is an indication that an organization has taken important steps to establish internal controls to address SEA, mitigating the risk of harm towards program participants. The standards in this tool align with FHI 360’s safeguarding policies, major funder requirements, and international safeguarding standards.

FHI 360 Safeguarding Toolkit

How to implement FHI 360's minimum standards for safeguarding program participants


This toolkit was developed to help FHI 360 teams take action at the project level to prevent, mitigate, and respond to harm against program participants, including misconduct committed by our own personnel or partner personnel.

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