The Partnership Toolbox

A facilitator's guide to partnership dialogue; This manual is a guide to facilitating constructive discussion and dialogue with partners. It is based on the idea that partnership is a process and an ongoing journey. Rather than a set of tools to apply to partners, this manual lays out a process for CRS and partners to jointly explore challenges faced. It contains sessions that are intended to be creative, forward thinking, honest and fun and help guide you through a process of tackling some possibilities and challenges of partnership. It gives suggestions for participatory designs for use in any workshop context and ideas for using sessions in a variety of applications. Facilitation notes, handouts and flip chart content are included with each session design.

The Partnering Tool Book

Toolbook describes the generic partnering process from inception to conclusion, provides ""stand alone"" tools to enable practitioners to develop effective partnerships and includes information about the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and food fortification.

Strategic Communications Audits

Nonprofit organizations are now continuously being challenged to be more strategic in their communications efforts. Communications activities must add up to more than a series of isolated events such as the dissemination of an occasional publication or press release. Being strategic requires that nonprofits be more deliberate, innovative, savvy, and less reactive in their communications practice. Nonprofits are encouraged to regard communications as essential to their overall success and integrate it throughout their organizations.Nonprofits need ways to better understand their current strategic communications performance and capacity, and to gain a realistic sense of what is possible in terms of developing their communications functions. Strategic communications audits are one tool that can help to meet this need.
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