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This collection of Implementation Tips for USAID Partners brings together 68 articles to support new partners, especially those who have little or no experience with USAID.

Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on how you can use evidence to inform all stages of the project cycle. 

Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on how to manage targets when conducting monitorig and evaluation.

Implementation Tip for USAID Partners on the key features of M&E.

NPI Round 3 Launch Binder Handout for Breakout Session on Cost Share- sample of cost share guidelines developed by AED

This chapter covers general reporting tips and details about the specific reports you are likely to encounter as a PEPFAR partner. The chapter gives several tips to get the most out of the reporting process, outlines key reporting due dates and tips to prepare for special or unanticipated reporting requests.

This document provides guidelines to organizations to manage cost share, including an outline of allowable and unallowable costs, and how to document cost share.