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Guide describes how evaluations should be used to test the theories and assumptions on which capacity-development programs are based, to document their results and to draw lessons for improving future programs.

Paper offers a conceptual framework and methodology for planning, monitoring and evaluating social development networks and partnerships by Darcy Ashman.

Tips paper explains what key informant interviews are, when it is appropriate to use them and the steps in conducting the interviews.

Guide provides information on developing a national or sectoral evaluation system (aka Evaluation Capacity Development) to assist governments and development agencies.

Toolkit addresses the basics of setting up and using a monitoring and evaluation system for a project. It clarifies what monitoring and evaluation are, how to design a monitoring system and an evaluation process, and how to successfully carry out these activities.

USAID document describes what key informant interviews are and when and how to conduct them.

USAID document provides tips on establishing quality baselines and setting targets to successful manage foreign assistance programs.

Guide describes some of the existing manuals for conducting qualitative research onhealth and provides information to help program managers, researchers, funders of health programs, and others select the manuals that are most appropriate to their needs in French.

Paper presents a conceptual framework for a participatory approach to evaluate the effectiveness of international networks; Nuñez, Martha; Wilson-Grau, Ricardo; 2003